Ornate Line Break

There’s no excuse

for pineapple on a pizza,

but some pairings
are only strange…

until they aren’t.

Block Head showcases the delicious flavor of

caramel popcorn for a whiskey like no other.

A new type of flavored whiskey,

made by disruptors

for disruptors!


[adj., n., v.(?)]

1. One oblivious to the
opinions of others
, usually in the
pursuit of something awesome.

Block Heads don’t shy away
from the unknown,

they steer into it—

and a few stares won't slow them down.

They don’t mind saying the

Wrong thing at the right time

Or doing the obvious thing

When no one else will.

Everyone wants

to be around a Block Head

because they just
make things more…


In a World of Squares
Be A

Block Head

Far From Usual.

Block Head Popcorn Peanut Caramel Whiskey Bottles